Monga District

The red brick walls were very popular amongst avid Instagrammers, and you have to be careful to not walk in front of someone’s carefully #curated #artsy #casual #candid shot.… Read More Monga District


Two Libraries

There are many, many Taipei Public Libraries around the city, in all shapes and sizes: some take up entire buildings, some are just in a few rooms, some are in bookmobile-esque vending machines, some are unmanned rooms where you scan your card to enter. The last one is called “Intelligent Libraries.” ONE. The main library… Read More Two Libraries

Cooking Class

I signed up for a cooking class! It’s called Asian Cuisine for Newbies, and it will go over the basics of how to prepare pork/seafood/vegetables, and go over at least two dishes every time. I’ve been cooking ever since elementary school, but other than 2 brief camps I didn’t have any formal training. I wanted… Read More Cooking Class