Addiction Aquatic Development

Aside from the fire-ice mochi at Ningxia Night Market, this was the second place on Instagram that I kept seeing and was determined to visit in person.

I kept putting it off though, because I prefer routes that go straight there and it seemed like I would always have to transfer buses or MRT lines to get there.
I went out this weekend and we were about 30 minutes away, so I finally, finally went.

From previous photos and food blogs (side note on Taipei’s food report scene: Yelp is very new and rarely used. Most food reports are written on personal food blogs, and you look for restaurants through Google, or through Lazy Packs aka Cheatsheets that well-known food bloggers would post for areas with high restaurant density), I though it would be an open-market type of thing, with individual vendors selling delicious sashimi bentos and seafood.

It turns out to be one giant supermarket, think a massive seafood-centered Whole Foods, with sections for raw foods, cooked foods, frozen foods, and a very, very expensive seafood hotpot restaurant upstairs.

As soon as you walk in there is the heavy smell of fish, and lots of coolers with live seafood. I saw an octopus/squid thing flopping up and down.


If you’re not super into totally alive seafood, they also have ice plates with crabs and salmon, some which are already boiled, that you can buy by the kilogram. The prices aren’t very cheap, though, I’m guessing it’s because this is high-grade stuff.

Addiction Aquatic Development is actually right next to the Taipei Fish Market, where many local market vendors go in the wee hours of day to buy fish in bulk, but Addiction itself is more tailored for the individual consumer.FullSizeRender-4

Near the side there is an oyster and wine bar. Or maybe it’s oyster and beer? Some sort of liquor, whichever one it is that people have with oysters. There’s a short menu where you can order oysters from all over the world, and they’ll grill it for you right then and there. In the back you can see the small section they have for home and garden decor.FullSizeRender

And this is the exciting bento section! Rows and rows of sashimi and sashimi bentos. The actual variety of boxes is not that much, probably 5-6, but the fish all look very fresh. At first I was super stoked to get the salmon sashimi, but after deliberating for a while (and taking a stroll around the entire market) I decided that it was kind of chilly outside to have dinner be all cold. Also, after watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi in rapt attention, I kind of think sushi really should be eaten with the rice still warm.

I probably should have taken more photos of the cooler rows (it was a grand sight to behold) but I was really excited checking out all the boxes.FullSizeRender-3

Behind the sashimi bento coolers is an area for made-to-order cooked foods, slightly less expensive than the hotpot upstairs. You can order nigiri and sashimi here, and I bet if you do the rice is still warm! :3FullSizeRender-2

Fruits and vegetables~ Don’t forget to always have fiber with every meal! Fiber, the good friend of proteins and carbohydrates. Eat more fruits and vegetables! And plants! They have so many different types of minerals and vitamins.FullSizeRender-1

In the deli section there’s a chef making tempura bentos, they come in these cute wooden round boxes.I was surprised at how tiny the pan he’s using is. Does he really use that small thing to make all the bentos? If he does, the commitment to small batch cooking is admirable.FullSizeRender-5

In the steam area you can get Japanese steamed eggs, and fried rice with fish. They must make the rice in some sort of magic pan (or actually they probably steam it in wood) because the rice actually tastes woodsy and fragrant. I’m serious, it’s woodsy but not in a gross way, in a very oh wow! kind of way.FullSizeRender-7

Finally I decided to get a hot foods bento from the deli section. Many items there have seafood mixed in, so of course to get the most bang for your buck you should get those! Cabbage with shrimp, little white fish, steamed fish (so fresh and tender), and carrot potato stew. Actually I try to eat carrots when I go outside, because I will hardly ever go the distance to  wash, peel, and chop an entire carrot, but it’s also quite good for you, so I let other people make it for me.

It was all yum! But quite salty, especially at the end. Still worth it though. There are rows of standing tables outside with nice lighting so you can enjoy your hot foods.


And a fun tidbit! There’s a guard with a James Bond-like walkie talkie posted at the entrance, but actually he’s holding a big yellow spray bottle. Anyone who walks in needs to open her/his hands to get some disinfectant sprayed so as to not contaminate the foods, LOL. FullSizeRender-8


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