An Emoji List for Chinese New Year

  1. 🙂Break from school and work
  2. 😘Family reunions
  3. 😥Too many family reunions
  4. 😎Fireworks in the sky
  5. 🙄Waking up to firecrackers like gunshots at 4AM
  6. 😱Quiet, abandoned streets in Taipei city because the stores are closed
  7. 😡Gatherings where women do all the work and men sit around
  8. 😜Tour guides constantly remind folks to have happy vibes for CNY
  9. 😋Good food with great people
  10. 🤗People write Chinese Calligraphy with brush and ink for New Year banners (chun lian)
  11. 😕Traditional markets are closed so it’s hard to buy cooking ingredients
  12. 🤑Red envelopes
  13. 😷Smoke from the burning of paper and incense
  14. 😳Crowds near the beach
  15. 😆TV news segments telling people that it’s inauspicious to be angry
  16. 😴Lots of people to meet up with and activities to attend to
  17. 🤔Reroute plans because of a reduced number of busses and MRTs
  18. 😍Red decor and lights everywhere
  19. 😁Funny stories when catching up with friends
  20. 😇CNY in Taiwan

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